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Muallim ul Quran - Online Quran Academy is your source for quality online education for Quran, Hadith, Fiqah and many other Islamic topics.Our qualified Islamic teachers are avilable to help you or your child learn Qur'an online according to Tajweed rules, providing one-on-one lectures. The best place to learn is always the local mosque. Because kids can learn Islam and also build bonds with other kids. This creates happy memories and therefore help retention of the Islamic knowledge gained. In my opinion this is far more important than simple learning. Our aim is to help understand PRACTICAL ISLAM - that is knowledge that can be put into practice.

I believe that we should gain knowledge (ILM) with the intention of doing (AMAL). It is these deeds which ALLAH counts. We need the knowledge to make sure we are doing the deeds within the rules which ALLAH has given through the prophet Mohammed (saw). This is the sunnat. Once we gain knowledge then we have a duty to pass that good knowledge to others both through teachings and by example.


- Reading and reflecting over the Quran fulfils an Islamic duty.
- Your status in this life will be raised.
- There are ten rewards for each letter you recite from the Quran.
- The Quran will be a proof for us on the Day of Judgment.
- The Quran will lead you to Paradise!
- The reciters of the Qur’an will be in the company of the noble and obedient angels.
- You will be from the best of the people.

Why Us?

Our courses are especially designed for you and your child. This program will provide you step by step Quran Learning with the rules of Tajweed and Essential Islamic Teaching For children and new Muslims by online Qualified Tutors and what’s more... All this by just sitting in front of Computer without leaving your home. We have the mission to serve the Muslim community by giving them Online Quran reading and Islamic education with more ease.

How to start?

Getting started with us is very easy. You just need following things,

  • A PC/Laptop.
  • A high speed internet connection.
  • Headphone/Speakers and Microphone.
  • A screen sharing software.

It means teacher and student talk to each other and see the same lesson on their computer screens during the class.

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