About Us

Muallim ul Quran - Online Quran Academy has been established with the aim of teaching the Holy Qur'an from Arabic basics as well as reading Qur'an with Tajweed. Unlike other online Quran teaching academies we have come up with most advanced courses like Tafseer, Qur'an Translation, Hadith (English, Arabic, Urdu), Qur'an Recitation as well as Arabic & Urdu Languages.

We totally believe in the unity and oneness of Muslim Ummah as our basic sources of guidance are Quran and Hadith. That is why we want to clarify it in the very beginning that we don't represent any school of thought.

Our first and foremost objective was to prepare a team of fully qualified teachers capable of imparting quality lessons using the highly advanced information technology techniques. We also aimed at forming the team that could serve every category of students wishing to read and understand the Quran with or without translation an affordable monthly cost. We are equipped with the latest technology innovations and have the most powerful media to reach its students in a very effective manner so as the students can feel MuallimulQuran.com existence in their homes.

Our Tutors

Our teachers teach in full time base and come daily in the MuallimulQuran.com's office. Our teachers are not only selected just for their knowledge, but also for their interpretational skills to gain motivation and encouragement in students to increase the knowledge of the Quran more and more. They know the learning style of every student. They teach friendly and motivate students to read Quran and Islamic studies. Therefore students wish to learn from teachers after having some time with them.


We train our tutors before allotting them students, as teaching at MuallimulQuran.com is a totally different technique as compare to conventional teaching. We keep on arranging different training programs/refresher courses for the tutors to keep them updated according to the need of time and to maintain the quality.

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